A Conversation with the living world in words and birds and music
With Carl Safina, j. Drew Lanham, and Paul winter
moderated by Laurie anderson

Photo by Kizza Vincent

Photo courtesy of Drew Lanham

Photo by Ebru Yildiz

Photo courtesy of Paul Winter

Saturday August 27th | 4:00PM

Tickets: $15

On top of being a center for the arts, fostering creativity, and supporting the community, The Church is passionate about the environment and protecting our planet. Join us for “A Lifelong Conversation with the Living World in Words and Birds and Music” where the urgency of life on Earth will be expressed through various art forms. The group of panelists, Carl Safina, J. Drew Lanham, and Paul Winter will be moderated by renowned multi-media artist Laurie Anderson.  


Ecologist and author Carl Safina and author, poet, and wildlife biologist J. Drew Lanham will both read one of their many works. Carl’s writings often explore how we are changing the natural world and what those changes mean for human and non-human beings. J. Drew Lanham’s prose and poetry focuses on wild places, and how personal and societal conflicts can put conversation at odds with culture. Intertwined throughout the event, musician and pioneer of “earth music” Paul Winter will perform a few of his pieces that combines the voices of the wild with the instrumental voices of classical, jazz, and world music.  


Although all the speakers have differing practices, they come together to echo the Safina Center’s (a not-for-profit founded by Carl Safina) mission of “advancing the case for life on Earth.”