Earth Equity Round Table

The Church is pleased to host Earth Equity Round Table on Earth Day! 

Edwina von Gal of the Perfect Earth Project will lead an EARTH EQUITY* program at The Church in honor of Earth Day (which all days should be) with a panel of professionals, politicians, and others involved in trying to make our lives healthier and more sensible while making sure that those who deal with our landscapes (our own backyards!) are protected from toxins and pollution.   
Learn how so many of these simple improvements to our lives also save us time and money! The 2-hour symposium will begin with a short talk by professor, author, and explorer Carl Safina of The Safina Center, followed by a lively panel, including Sag Harbor Mayor James Larocca. A Q&A will wind up the program with refreshments to follow. 
Anyone curious or concerned about making their own uber-local environment happier, healthier, and more worry-free is welcome! 
This program is made possible by generous sponsors Tom and LaVon Roush. 


*Should you need assistance with the ticket price, please reach out to We are happy to offer sponsorship for tickets, through a generous donation from Tom and LaVon Roush.
*Earth Equity is a call to action - it asks us to consider all life forms, and the systems that support them, as essential to the health of people and the future of planet.  Every decision, purchase, and practice should originate from a position of “do no harm”.   Our landscapes and gardens provide an easy and effective place to begin to practice earth equity. There are so many positive actions one can take.  Examples include: Making a commitment to toxic/pesticide free maintenance promotes biodiversity and protects workers from exposure to harmful chemicals.  Using circular biomass management and electric equipment reduces fossil fuels, greenhouse gasses, air and noise pollution. Planting native plants restores biodiversity. Choosing sustainably sourced, biodegradable, and forced labor-free materials ensures maximum ecological and human rights standards.  There is no additional cost, but the benefits are immediate and immense.