A Lecture
with Dr. Aaron Daluiski a certified Orthopaedic Surgeon
A Lecture
Tickets: $15
Friday, December 9th | 6 PM

The Church and The American Artists’ Hand Archive are pleased to announce a remarkable evening with innovative Orthopaedic Surgeon and Clinician Scientist Dr. Aaron Daluiski. Dr. Daluiski will speak on his career and his deep understanding of anatomy as well as his fascination with how the human hand is depicted in art. The presentation will be accompanied by Dr. Daluiski’s personal collection of images of the human hand in art. A Q&A will follow the lecture with Dr. Daluiski, The Archive’s Founder Vanessa Hoheb, and its Artistic Director Thomas Donahue. Attendees will be afforded the rare opportunity, under curatorial supervision, to have a hands-on experience with the Archive's bronzes.

This program is held in conjunction with The Church’s exhibition Hand Made: Guitars According to G.E. Smith and The American Artists’ Hands Archive, which features a collection of bronze casts of the hand(s) of 31 visual artists made as part of an on-going series by Vanessa Hoheb and Thomas Donahue of The American Artist’s Hand Archive.
Documenting the hands of many well-known artists, these casts allow our viewers to understand how this essential part of human anatomy is an integral tool of their remarkable careers. Illustrating that any creative practice is both a mental and a physical exercise, these objects demonstrate the dedication of artists and the ways that the artistic and imaginative activities influence our bodies, and our lives. The American Artists’ Hand Archive acknowledges significant contributions to contemporary culture and celebrates the relationship between maker and medium. The exhibition’s bronze life castings illustrate the artist’s impact on material as well as the material’s impact on the artist. Dr. Daluiski’s presentation will offer a unique perspective on the exhibition’s subject matter.

About AARON DALUISKI Dr. Aaron Daluiski is a physician-scientist specializing in adult and pediatric hand and upper extremity surgery. He received his medical degree from the University of California, Los Angeles, and completed his clinical training in the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at UCLA. Dr. Daluiski has also completed a research fellowship concentrating on the molecular aspects of limb development and bone biology. He has completed the Hand and Upper Extremity clinical fellowship at Hospital for Special Surgery. His current research interests include the isolation and study of genes involved with fracture healing and limb development.