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Books As Art: Stab Stitch Bindings
with Samuel Havens
Books As Art: Stab Stitch Bindings
Ticket Price: $75
includes all materials
Sunday, April 16th
10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Explore the book form as an artistic medium! Instructed by Samuel Havens, participants will be led through the ancient technique of stab binding. Often characterized by its geometric patterns and exposed spine, this traditional binding style originated in East Asia during the 1600s and was the primary method for most books created during the Edo Period in Japan. Its single-sheet structure offers the opportunity to combine pages of varying weight, size, texture, and material into a cohesive arrangement, making each turn of the page an exciting new experience.

Over the course of 4-hours, participants will explore the limitless possibilities of this unique binding method and its application as an art. From just paper, book board, and thread, each participant will fabricate a stab-bound book of their own creation, while learning fundamental bookbinding skills, tricks, and techniques along the way.

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