Insight Sunday
With Louise Eastman and Laurie Lambrecht
Insight Sunday
Tickets: $15
Sunday, September 4th | 10:30 AM

The Church’s monthly Insight Sunday series continues with artists Louise Eastman and Laurie Lambrecht, both of whom are included in our summer exhibition Threading the Needle. The show explores how the conceptual approaches of contemporary art intersect with the expertise and skill of craft techniques, with a particular focus on weaving and fabric processes. It includes 50 works by 46 artists who work all over the world.

Working in weaving and ceramics, Louise Eastman explores the politics of material and craft. In the work included in the exhibition entitled 1/6 2/5 3/4 from 2020, Eastman uses six of her weavings as templates to create the three monotype prints. Showing the impressions of the stitches and textures of the original textiles, the repeating pattern of numbered dots is distorted due to the properties of the wool and cotton in the warp and weft. The title of the work and the organization of the woven pieces reflect the physicality of dice – the 6 is opposite from the 1, 3 from 4, and 2 from 5.

Laurie Lambrecht is recognized for her work as a photographer and fiber artist with an affinity for the examination and observation of patterns and textures found in the natural world. Her work entitled, Bourgeois, Braque, Delaunay, Fischl, Gaugin, Greco, Heilmann, Johns, Leger, Matisse, Parsons, Rauschenberg, Rottenberg, Salle, Schnabel, Scully, Twombly (2016-2022) is a departure from her previous works focused on nature. Here, Lambrecht has printed images of celebrated paintings by famous artists on fabric before cutting the linen into strips and weaving them into new patterns. Some images remain recognizable while others are completely altered. This is the first time the piece is being publicly shown.

The two artists will speak in the exhibition space before The Church is open to the public. An open and free-flowing Q&A will follow their remarks, allowing attendees time to fully engage with the artists and their work. Insight Sundays are the ultimate behind the scenes sneak peek, and a wonderful opportunity to hear an artist focus on an individual piece, see it through their eyes, and explore how it relates to their body of work, career, process, and interests.  

Due to the placement of the works in relation to the building, we are limiting the capacity of this event to ensure the comfort of the audience. Please note that a portion of this talk will be mostly standing with the exception of those that require seating.