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Knowledge Fridays 
Lisa field 
APRIL 15TH I 6:00 PM


The Church is pleased to announce this month’s Knowledge Friday with Sag Harbor legend Lisa Field — owner and protector of the beloved Sag Harbor Variety Store and up until recently, the president of the Sag Harbor Chamber of Commerce. Anyone who has spent time in Sag Harbor as a child holds memories of the Variety Store, more affectionately known as the Five and Dime. Whether it’s grabbing a $2 ice cream from the cooler, picking out the latest Barbie or begging your parents for 25 cents to ride the horse out front — the Variety Store provides it all and more. Throughout the years as the East End, evolves, we’ve sadly seen many businesses disappear but it’s businesses like the Variety Store, with its signature yellow and red striped awning, that helps conserve Sag Harbor’s unique small-town charm. Lisa will speak to us about place and community, and how the Variety Store has for years been in spirit and fact one of the principal anchors of our village. 

It so happens that Lisa Field will be speaking about her stewardship of the Sag Harbor Variety store, which has been a 5&10 for 100 years, while we will also be celebrating The Church's first anniversary, so there will be cake after the talk!

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