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KNOWledge fridays

The Church is pleased to announce Knowledge Fridays, a monthly lecture series featuring local makers and shakers, artisans and experts in a diversity of fields. These pillars of the community will speak on their lives and experiences, sharing stories and expertise.


knowledge Fridays:
John hatleberg
december 17th, 6:30pm

The worlds best counterfeiter of famous diamonds will speak about his work making exact replicas of gems for their owners or guardians and more!

pictureBILL PERSKY.jpeg
Bill Persky, Story-Telling in the Golden Age of Television
(and whatever the hell is happening now) 
november 19th, 6:30pm

Knowledge Fridays will kick off on November 19th with five-time Emmy Award winning writer, director, and producer Bill Persky, who will speak on television and what it has become – from the 50’s to today. “I look forward to inaugurating the Knowledge Friday series to discuss my life in television - from its fragile beginning, marvelous middle and whatever the hell is happening now,” Persky said. “We will take a deep dive into media with stories about the stars and shows you loved and some you might have hated.”



Bill Persky is a five-time Emmy Award winning writer, director, and producer. After receiving two Emmy Awards for The Dick Van Dyke Show, Persky and his partner Sam Denoff followed by creating “That Girl” for Marlo Thomas. Following this successful partnership, Persky went on a new path as a Director specializing in Television pilots. From 1975- 1982, Persky directed 22 pilots, of which 16 were put on the air as series, the most memorable being “Who’s The Boss?”. During that time, there were also five television films, and the Paramount feature, “Serial”, before he moved to New York to produce and direct 100 episodes of the series Kate and Allie, for which he won an Emmy for directing.

Persky is also a contributing writer to USA Today and the Huffington Post. He can often be found as a guest lecturer at NYU Film School and Yale University and teaches comedy writing at The New York Film School.  His memoire, “My Life is a Situational Comedy” was featured in the Top 25 Comedy books on Amazon. Bill is the recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Writer’s Guild of American, A Giant of Television Award from The Radio & Television Executive Society and an Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters from the University of New Haven. At 90 he is looking for more to come.

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