Tour of Threading the Needle
Led by Chief Curator Sara Cochran
Tour of Threading the Needle
Tickets: $15
Sunday, August 21st | 10:30 AM

The Church is pleased to offer a tour of our current exhibition, Threading the Needle, led by Sara Cochran.

The exhibition features works by 44 artists and includes a large-scale, site-specific work by Sheila Pepe, installed hanging from the building’s rafters, the first time an artist has worked specifically with the historic architecture of our building. The show was planned around four themes: the Body and its Distortions, Politics and Identity, Webbing, and Stitching.

 The compelling works gathered for this exhibition question and blur the artificial boundaries between fine art and craft as well as between genres historically associated with feminine or masculine roles. By tapping into the rich historical vein of traditionally handmade crafts, contemporary artists have, in greater numbers, been adapting and utilizing techniques derived from tapestry, weaving, embroidery, beading, quilting, and knitting that have profound effects on the meaning and aesthetics of their work. In counterpoint, craft practitioners have taken up the conceptual mantle of contemporary art to imbue their legacy materials with a new resonance. Artworks in this exhibition expand an aesthetic conversation into the realms of fashion, design, politics, race, gender identity and technology. From intimate scaled works to immersive site-specific installations, these works reinterpret the histories of art and fabric and add nuance to principles of contemporary art. Questions of the interplay between skill, technique and concept are at the center of this exhibition, challenging a cultural hierarchy that has traditionally privileged painting and sculpture and has valued certain skill sets while disregarding others.