Two Thirds for the Birds
With Edwina Von Gal
Two Thirds for the Birds
Tickets: $15
Tuesday, August 30th | 5:30 PM

Is your garden helping or hurting the Earth? Is It safe for you, your children and pets? For the answers, the real story, and great solutions, The Church encourages you to attend Two Thirds for the Birds – an initiative launched by landscape designer and environmental activist Edwina von Gal and her nonprofit organization Perfect Earth Project. The campaign aims to restore viable habitat within the human dominated landscape ergo our pesticide filled, overly groomed gardens. The earth is facing a massive loss of biodiversity, a good example being birds which have experienced a population decrease of about 3 billion since the 1970’s. The clever title speaks to the campaigns most viable piece of advice, “For every three plants you plant, make two of them native.” Edwina will lead a lecture detailing the campaign and explain how a healthy landscape leads to healthier birds and, ultimately, a healthier world. These “helping” gardens not only enrich the lives of birds but the lives of people too. A native landscape is more unique than the typical sterile product that we often see, and it’ll feel good to know your garden is actively helping to reverse climate change and the loss of biodiversity.

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